Hiking Tips

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If you have a lot of friends who love to travel or go camping, you’ve probably been invited to go trekking once or twice. It’s a fun activity for everyone whether you are the outdoor type or not. Hiking allows you to see amazing sights first hand and experience nature like no other. First and foremost, it helps you disconnect from gadgets like your phone or notebook and bond with friends in an amazing way.

If you’re planning to go in your first hiking trip, here are 3 essential tips for first-timers:

Choose an easy trail

Like any other sport or outdoor activity, hiking can be performed in various difficulties. It all depends on the trail you choose that ought to be appropriate for your level. As a beginner, choose one that is suitable for your level of fitness. As you begin to get the hang of it, you can opt for more difficult trails in the long run. You should also do your part to express yourself and get ready for the trip emotionally and physically. Practice at a nearby trail, going as far as you can each time and resting when you get tired. If you don’t have a trail to practice on, the gym would do – try exercises such as the elliptical and stair climber.

Get the basic equipment

Since hiking is an outdoor activity, you should be prepared for the outdoors concerning clothing and gear. The most important one is the footwear that you are likely to use. A good, quality pair of rubber shoes would do (based on the road ), but it is recommended that you invest in a good pair of hiking shoes/boots that offers ankle support and preferably one that is waterproof. It’s crucial that you break in these shoes before your hike to avoid blisters. But just in case, bring a few blister band aids.

Eat well and stay hydrated

You’re going to need loads of energy on your journey. Make sure to eat a good, solid meal before going and that you pack snacks with you (preferably light ones that contain plenty of natural sugars and healthy fats). Dried fruit and nuts are highly recommended. Stay hydrated too, so don’t forget your water bottle!

Bear in mind that hiking is both a psychological and physical activity so you should condition these two aspects of yourself before your trip. When it seems hard, just remember that what you’ll see at the end of your hike will all be worthwhile.

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